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Shiatsu Facial

The face is the only part of the body that distinguishes one person from another. The face is a mirror that reflects the physical and emotional interior and tells the story of our life.
The sedentary life causes blockages of vital energy and brings disease, aging and disharmonization.

On the face we can detect:
• Bags or swelling in the lower eyelid region.
• Wrinkles, furrows between the eyebrows indicate liver or gallbladder dysfunction;
• Para-ocular wrinkles or crow's feet in the corners of the eyes may indicate an excess of hormone in the body;

Main benefits

•Eliminates toxins; it deflates the eye region and can reduce dark circles;

• Improves the skin's appearance and tissue elasticity, increases collagen production, leaving it firmer;

•It can alleviate the symptoms caused by PMS and fight insomnia, anxiety, depression and panic syndrome;

•Can ease headaches, migraines and improve breathing.

Many claim they relax more with a face massage than the body! This makes a lot of sense as many points on the face are connected to other parts of the body. As Shiatsu works the meridians and energy channels, so it will make the whole body harmonious. In addition to a good diet and drinking water daily, our tip to improve the appearance of your face is to receive a Shiatsu Facial massage, this therapeutic technique will relax tension, improve skin oxygenation and leave you feeling refreshed.


People with cancer, osteoporosis, varicose veins, edema, fractures, swelling, pregnant women, and children. They will need medical authorization.

After treatment:

It is recommended to moisturize with facial creams, use sunscreen to maintain health and facial youthfulness.

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