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facial muscle shaping massage

The Facial Muscle Shaping Massage (MMMF), also known as lifting (which comes from the English "lifting"), is a technique that consists of a stimulating massage that improves expression lines and wrinkles, "rearchitecting" the face and its contours.

With vigorous maneuvers, it aims to give that little stretch, shaping and favoring the contour of the face, promoting a more youthful, firm and beautiful appearance. It is widely used as pre-makeup on special occasions such as photo shoots, parties and events.


Main benefits

  • Shapes contours and rearranges face structures;

  • Prevents and reduces wrinkles;

  • Helps in eliminating toxins;

  • Improves muscle tone;

  • Moisturizes the skin;

  • Slows down facial aging;

  • Stimulates blood and lymph circulation;

  • Provides relaxation, helping to combat stress.

In the treatment, after massaging specific points, the skin receives vitamins and collagen. The Facial Muscle Modeling Massage is finished with a tensing mask and application of sunscreen to ensure the health of the skin.

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