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Facial Lymphatic Drainage

Drenagem linfática facial

Facial lymphatic drainage

It is a mistake to think that lymphatic drainage is done only in the body. The face can also use (a lot) this technique. Facial lymphatic drainage is a treatment with many benefits for skin health and youthfulness.

It has preventive, aesthetic and therapeutic goals. Done correctly, it is able to stimulate the defense system, oxygenation of tissues and helps reduce toxins that remain in the tissues and are harmful to the skin.

Drainage also acts by toning the skin and delaying tissue aging, in addition to being quite efficient in improving blood circulation, expanding vascularization in the region where it is applied.

How does it work?

It is performed through movements that take the lymph (a fluid that carries both organic and inorganic substances, in addition to toxins and waste) to the lymph nodes. They are responsible for reducing them from the body.

The procedure is able to improve the contour of the face, minimize bags and dark circles, many claim that it feels like a facelift.

It is indicated for those who underwent surgery on the face, because in the postoperative period there is liquid compression. Facial lymphatic drainage helps to quickly eliminate fluid from the body, preventing infections and helping to control and reduce swelling.

When to do it?

Postoperatively, we ask you to follow your doctor's advice, many doctors recommend at least three times a week for the swelling to be reduced quickly. For cases of fluid retention, do it whenever you feel the need, remembering that as circulation improves, you will also improve skin tone and shine.

Specialty creams can also be associated with this treatment to enhance the effects of facial lymphatic drainage.

Sala de drenagem linfática
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