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Ôhole of feet

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In the past it was common to do a foot bath after taking a shower in the rain to break the cold, the same was done in people with the flu or colds, in order to provide warmth to the body. With more applied techniques, the hot tub of the feet eliminates pain and even improves mood.

Effervescent Drops treat the feeling of heaviness and fatigue and also help to reactivate blood circulation in the region of the legs.

For example, Lemongrass acts on tired legs, eliminating the feeling of heaviness. Lavender has a relaxing action. Rosemary helps to recover edemas in the legs. Mint works by improving blood circulation.

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Main benefits

  • Stimulates blood circulation

  • Provides relaxation

  • relieves stress

  • softer skin

  • Ideal for those who wear heels

  • Alleviates joint pain

The Hot Tub is excellent for those who spend a lot of time with heels or those who suffer from hours of standing, or even after a walk or run.

Footbath therapy also helps relieve pain and discomfort, most often caused.

Those who suffer from joint pain caused by rheumatism or arthritis can also feel the benefits.

Feel the improvement already in the first session. Inform yourself.

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20 minutes duration

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