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shower bath

Do you know that feeling of well-being we feel just stepping into the bathtub or turning on the shower? Know that it is not just psychological, but also physical.

In contact with the skin (the largest organ in the human body), the heat from the water and the different substances added to the liquid are responsible for a sea of ​​positive effects for the body that can directly influence your daily life.

Here, you have the option of taking a shower before or after a massage. You can also just book a time for a shower before a meeting or any event.

  • Invigorating effect

  • Improved circulation

  • S relaxation ensação

  • Attenuation of muscle contractions

Main benefits

banho de ducha


People with dermal sensitivity to the components of the formula, hypertensive people in general and people with an allergic history should consult their physician beforehand.

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