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laser acupuncture

With the same principle of stimulation of acupuncture points but without the use of needles, laser acupuncture is the main alternative for those who are horrified at the thought of dotted objects on their skin as well as pain sensitivity, even if the traditional method is practically painless.

In this procedure, a low-intensity laser generates a heat wave with high penetration at certain points, which only generate a "feel"

for whom it is indicated

Without any contraindication, Laser Acupuncture can be performed on both children and adults.

The device can be placed against the skin without offering any kind of risk or damage, requiring only the need for eye protection, with specific glasses, during the entire session.

acupuntura a laser ea fibromialgia


  • It can ease back pain in general;

  • It can improve allergic rhinitis and sinusitis condition;

  • Can alleviate Herpes;

  • Prevents migraines;

  • It can alleviate acnes;

  • Helps to fight anxiety and depression;

  • It can alleviate cases of facial paralysis.


Among its main applications are still people who present:

  • Arthrosis of the fingers;

  • Arthrosis of the knee;

  • Arthritis of the fingers;

  • People with sciatic nerve pain;

  • People with Lateral Epicondylitis (characterized as an inflammation of the muscles and tendons of the elbow);

  • Individuals who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia (nervous disorder that causes excruciating pain in half of the face);

  • TMJ dysfunction (abnormal functioning of the muscles of mastication, jaw bones, teeth and dental support structures).


With short sessions, Laser Acupuncture provides improvements in various diseases – for the Chinese, Laser Acupuncture is able to cure more than 300 of them – and thus, give these people more quality of life.

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