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Ritual for two


Ritual for two is a great option to give that special someone. It is a package specially designed for couples, friends, lovers, father and son, mother and daughter, among others.

It's a moment that can stay marked forever or even enter the duo's routine. In addition to promoting well-being and relaxation, it increases harmony between people and is very beneficial for personal relationships.


  • Ritual let it flow - Many people find it difficult to give in to relaxation and only begin to let go after 15 to 20 minutes of the beginning of a massage. It was then that we prepared this ritual, the intention is to help each one to understand and visualize the energy field that we have around our body, guiding how it is possible to calibrate ourselves, strengthening this energy field daily. A mix of Reiki and meditation leads to feeling the presence of the BEING.

In an environment prepared with aroma, music and color therapy, very cozy and will induce you to indulge in the therapies that will follow.

  • Intuitive Massage - It is a massage technique done on the body, focusing on the most tense regions, with deep, sliding maneuvers, with kneading, pressure and stretching, the movements are subtle and fluid, in order to induce the delivery of the present moment, providing relief from tension, improving circulation and promoting health of body and mind.

  • Ofuro for the feet - Due to the heat of the water, it works on the dilation of blood vessels, promoting an improvement in circulation. Bringing relief from pain in feet and legs. And it also helps in the treatment of unwanted varicose veins. It helps to relieve tension and stress.

Duration: 3 hours approximately


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