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Hair removal with line

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Hair Removal with Line

Unveiled in Egypt, Hair Removal with Line is a technique that has been gaining more and more followers. It uses a combination of lines that remove hair quickly and accurately.

Know its advantages

  • Among the advantages of the method is the fact that the hairs are removed at the root.

  • The technique weakens the hair, reduces growth, prevents blemishes, helps to smooth the skin, and facilitates uncracking, as the sliding of the line over the skin causes an exfoliating effect.

  • Eliminates even the small hairs and down.

  • Defines eyebrows, as it cleans their entire contour, enhancing the look.

  • And as it rubs lightly on the skin, it also lightens and removes the surface layer of dead cells.

  • Unlike methods such as hot wax that leave the skin sagging and darkened, hair removal with a line prevents sagging in the region.

How is it performed

Although it looks complicated, the handling of the thread, which can be silk or 100% cotton, works according to the speed applied in the correct direction. And that, without damaging the skin, causing allergies, burns or darkening the shaved areas.


Indications and contraindications

It is a method that provides great results on the face, indicated even for the most sensitive skin because it does not use chemical products and less associated pain.

Anyone who uses it in a month, always opts for hair removal with a line, as there are no contraindications (anyone can do it).

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