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Quick Massage

The Quick Massage, as its name in English refers, is a quick massage aimed at people with limited time available. It is derived and adapted from the oriental techniques of Shiatsu and Anma and performed on the back and lower back.

It is very simple, and everything happens with a chair specially designed for this purpose, which offers people with very little available time, the pleasure of sitting down and relaxing intensely. In your first experience you can already feel an immediate relief from muscle pain in the regions: cervical, dorsal, lumbar and upper limbs, in addition to the feeling of well-being.


for whom it is indicated

Walk with very little time? Half an hour maybe? Well, everyone needs a break, and we offer Quick Massage as an alternative for those who don't have the opportunity to enjoy a full massage. More and more companies also use this technique aiming at a better performance and quality of life for their employees.

But for its use, we suggest that the individual has not eaten for less than 40 minutes, has had any recent surgery, has a fever or has serious injuries. High or low pressure cases are also not recommended.


  • Its speed, practicality and effectiveness;

  • Relief of muscle tension and pain in the lower back and back;

  • Improves mood and productivity;

  • Provides immediate muscle relaxation.


Quick Massage is much sought after by those who have already borrowed 15 minutes of their day to enjoy it, and it has been arousing more and more interest in those who can see its main objective, which is to be an ally in combating the stress of modern life and pain that the body presents with routine in front of computers and offices.

Duration: 15 and 30 minutes

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