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laser therapy

To combat the harmful effect of free radicals, the body uses a defense system that uses enzymes, proteins and scavenger compounds. In cases of insufficiency of this system, auxiliary drug therapies (Laser Therapy) are needed.

The development of intravenous laser therapy has proven to be an excellent therapeutic option against free radicals.

It is widely used for alternative and non-invasive treatments, promoting acceleration in healing processes, reducing pain, edema, modulating inflammation, acting in the stimulation and repair of nerve cells, oral mucositis lesions, treating facial blemishes, dark circles, genoid dipodystrophy ( cellulite), flaccidity, and being applied even in anti-aging, among others.

The goal of therapeutic laser treatment is not to “warm up” but to eliminate pain or discomfort and allow the cell to regain balance lost through trauma or tissue wear.



  • Plastic surgery

  • Keloid -

  • pains

  • Lymphatic drainage - Provides the benefits of manual drainage, by radiating the body, reduces edema and restores cell health;

  • scars

  • Sinusitis and Rhinitis

  • Technique is painless, without side effects, has analgesic effects, is relaxing, combats stress and back pain, in addition to promoting younger skin.

Contraindications: Pacemaker carriers; Personal history of skin cancer at the application site; Glaucoma; Pregnancy; Photosensitivity.


Reduces day-to-day stress

In our daily running routine, we overload the organism with stress hormones that, by a chain reaction, tension the body's musculature.

Promotes a sense of well-being

The touch of hands on the skin stimulates hormones linked to feelings of pleasure and reward.

The benefits of massage to the nervous system are the same as an experience as good and warm as a friend's hug, it even reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Provides a moment of introspection

And if tranquility comes from the touch of hands, imagine what an hour of introspection and silence can do to the mind!

Keeping our eyes closed, living the experience and surrendering to the present moment already tells us that a complex interaction between body and mind has the potential to happen.

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