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Modeling Massage

speed and accuracy

Modeling Massage

The suggestive name usually attracts a lot of attention. Also known as hands-on liposculpture, the Modeling Massage is performed with stronger and more repetitive movements in order to reach deep layers of the skin, acting on circulation and improving the metabolism of the worked region, which helps to ''shape'' the body . Usually restricted to areas with a large accumulation of fat.

for whom it is indicated

Indicated for people dissatisfied with their fat and/or moderate cellulite. The contraindication is for people with heart disease, hypertension, people with fever, osteoporosis, varicose veins, excessive flaccidity, an inflammatory process or pregnant women. The modeling massage is very strong, in sensitive people it can cause redness, but it should never hurt you or cause bruises.

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  • Reduces cellulite;

  • Increases blood circulation;

  • Stimulates neuromuscular responses

  • Activates metabolism;

  • Improved tissue oxidation;

  • Fat breakage;

  • Leaves skin softer, luminous and firm;

  • Shape the body;

  • Improves muscle tone;

  • Fight against sagging;

  • Eliminates fluid retention



The Localized Modeling Massage is just an aid to the search for a healthy body and life. It must be combined with a balanced diet and physical exercise, as this is the best way to convert fat mass into lean mass. With a certain discipline, the results will be enhanced and the objective achieved!

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