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Combined with traditional medicine, reiki is a therapy that works on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level, capable of changing your lifestyle. With a technique of laying on of hands, it brings clarity and clears the energy field, always acting on the cause of problems. It is a real health promotion channel.

for whom it is indicated

Considered as a complementary and integrative method, it has a holistic perspective, seeing man as a whole. Thus, Reiki Therapy is advisable for all beings, without contraindications.

Be they adults, seniors, children, babies, animals, plants and even Planet Earth, if you wish, everything is within the thought and love that emits in the practice of it.

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  • Increased blood and lymphatic circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage;

  • Increased local temperature;

  • Promotion of tissue analgesia, that is, reduction of tissue or muscle pain;

  • Improved mobility of the subcutaneous tissue.


When we look for balance and harmony, we start to have a more complete life. This is the very essence of Reiki, that each individual is their own source of inner wealth and peace.

It is noteworthy that Reiki itself does not “heal”. The effect of Reiki is to increase self-healing capacity. The harmony between the recipient of Reike, the therapist and the Universe is also of great value, as well as the receptivity during the treatment.

The practice does not replace rest, proper nutrition and the need for physical exercise.

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