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Valentine's Day in São Paulo: Surprise your love with a spa gift card

Surpreenda o seu amor com um presente de Valentine's Day com um vale-presente de um spa
Surprise your loved one with a Valentine's Day gift with a spa gift card

Valentine's Day: What is it and how did it start?

Valentine's Day, or Saint Valentine's Day, is a holiday celebrated on February 14 in many countries around the world. The origin of the holiday is uncertain, but it is believed to have originated from an ancient Roman tradition in which young people wrote anonymous love letters and placed them in a box to be drawn.

In the 4th century, Roman Emperor Claudius II banned marriage, believing that single soldiers were more courageous and efficient. However, a priest named Saint Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret. When the emperor found out, Saint Valentine was imprisoned and sentenced to death.

Before being executed, Saint Valentine wrote a love letter to the daughter of his jailer, in which he expressed his love for her. The letter became famous and, since then, Valentine's Day has been celebrated as a day to express love between couples.

Valentine's Day in Brazil

In Brazil, Valentine's Day is celebrated on June 12. The date was chosen in honor of Saint Francis de Sales, who is considered the patron saint of lovers.

Valentine's Day is a very important date for Brazilians. It is an opportunity for couples to celebrate their love and show their affection for each other.

Curiosity about Valentine's Day in Brazil

The date of Valentine's Day in Brazil was chosen by a marketing strategy created by the advertiser João Doria, in 1948. Doria wanted to create a holiday to stimulate sales in the third quarter of the year, which is a period of declining sales.

O presente ideal de Valentine's Day ou Dia dos Namorados é uma experiência e não um produto
The ideal Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day gift is an experience, not a product

The choice of June 12 was strategic, as it is the eve of the day of Saint Anthony, who is known as the matchmaker. Doria believed that this date would be attractive to Brazilian couples, who could take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate their love.

Brazil is the only country

Brazil is the only country in the world that celebrates Valentine's Day on June 12. In all other countries, the date is celebrated on February 14, Valentine's Day.

The choice of a different date for Valentine's Day in Brazil is a curiosity that attracts the attention of many foreigners.

Spa gift card: a perfect gift for Valentine's Day in São Paulo

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved one on Valentine's Day, a spa gift card is a great option. A day of relaxation and well-being is a way to show your loved one that you care about them and that you want them to feel good.

Seja ele ou ela, o seu amor merece cuidado e bem-estar
Your loved one deserves care and well-being

At the spa, your loved one can enjoy a variety of treatments, such as massages, relaxing baths, facial and body treatments. They can enjoy a moment of rest and tranquility, away from the routine and stress of everyday life.

In addition to being a very special gift, the spa gift certificate is also a way to encourage your loved one to take care of their health and well-being. It is a great way to show that you care about their well-being.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect gift certificate for your loved one:

  • Consider your loved one's interests. If they like massages, look for a spa that offers a variety of different massages. If they prefer facial treatments, look for a spa that offers customized treatments.

  • Think about the budget you have available. The prices of gift certificates vary depending on the spa and the services offered.

  • If you are not sure what to choose, talk to your loved one about what they would like to receive.

Surprise your loved one with a day of relaxation and well-being at the spa. They will love it!

Seu amor vai adorar um presente de Valentine's Day com um vale-presente de um spa
Your loved one will love a Valentine's Day gift with a spa gift card

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